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For more than 35 years I have had a private practice as a psychotherapist and certified life coach. Recently, I published my first book entitled, "Heart Wisdom, A Concise Companion for Creating a Life of Possibility".  In my work, I believe that personal growth happens dynamically and with greater ease using a strength-based approach. Self-acceptance is the key that unlocks personal responsibility and focused intentions, creating relief and acknowledging a myriad of possibilities.  In my work with clients,  we acknowledge the past, focus on the present, and create an experience that feels more aligned and in sync with each individual's essence.  By identifying the parts of each person's story that contributes to struggle, my clients begin a process of claiming themselves, their core values and the lives they desire.  My experience allows me to hold a safe, sacred space as my clients feel and release many challenging emotions.  I help them create new boundaries, habits and personal practices as they heal old wounds and work through obstacles, expanding into a new paradigm.  As a result, they move more fully into the passion and momentum of the life they truly desire to live. I am compassionate, tough, and authentic. I value connection, trust and accountability in my relationship with clients.   Often, my clients and I throw our heads back and laugh as we watch old limiting beliefs fall away, and they begin moving forward with greater ease. We are rich, mysterious beings. We operate on so many levels, and I revel in the freedom to meet people right where they are. I call upon my training in meditation, guided imagery, hypnosis and shamanic practices from South and Central America to facilitate transformation on a deep, profound level. One of my clients said, “My favorite thing about you is that you are so sane and so grounded in the real world that I can really trust you when I need to go out on a spiritual limb. You hold the spiritual and the practical in harmony, so I know that I am safe.” ~A. Kunnecke

My experiences as a wife, mother, therapist, coach and spiritual seeker have brought me to this place, and I couldn’t be more grateful. My deepest passion is to help others create joy and freedom in their lives. I invite you to join me on this remarkable journey