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I coach individuals and couples in person, by phone or using teleconferencing.  Many of my clients are scattered around the country and even the world.  Forming authentic, connected relationships is one of my specialties and some of the most powerful sessions can happen remotely.   In addition, I am available to coach groups, usually in person. Because of the dynamic nature of groups, I prefer to coach them in person.  The duration varies depending on the goals and intention of the group. Coaching groups may range anywhere from 4 sessions to year-long.  They might be organized around a particular topic or serve as a forum for personal growth and expansion within a group context.

I highly recommend that individuals and couples commit to a full course of coaching. This begins with a powerful two-hour foundation session,  followed by ten to twelve 45-minute sessions spread across the next few months. The rhythm of these sessions will be determined at our initial meeting, and I will accommodate your scheduling needs. This kind of coaching is highly transformative, and I will request that you commit to taking good care of yourself during the course of our work together. We will draw up a contract before we begin, which lays out the scope of our work together as well as affirming that everything that comes up in a session is kept strictly confidential. I will ask you some preliminary questions to open up the flow of our dialogue, and I may request that you commit to certain actions or experiments between our sessions. These requests are generated from the work that you are doing and are intended to assist and support your continued expansion in between sessions.  The first session is the foundation session, and lasts two hours. We will use it to get to the heart, the essence, of what you love and value. We lay the groundwork for future sessions using guided meditation. You will come away from this first session with a set of words that represent the core of who you are. These words act like a tuning fork for you as you move into new adventures, helping to align you with the highest vibrations of what you desire and intend. The next 10-12 sessions will each be 30-45 min. long. I will help you begin to focus on what is working in your life, bringing the rest into alignment gently and organically.

Coaching is designed to be flexible. I can coach you in person or by phone for single sessions. This can be particularly useful to those who need to make a big decision quickly, are facing a crisis, or want to explore whether a full course of coaching is right for them.

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